Men’s basketball stinks up Orlando in Old Spice Classic

The ! There is no need to mention that there was just a pinch of Disney magic when the squad travelled to Orlando, Florida during the Thanksgiving break for the Old Spice Classic. The team accumulated a 1-2 record which brought their record on the season to 3-2. There were also losses in the three-game tournament. They were to Texas A&M and California. However, they managed to defeat Georgia as well.


Unfortunately, the Owls removed themselves from the winners’ bracket of the Classic with a loss to the Golden Bears. If you did not catch the match, the game ended in 57-50. It was apparent that the team was rusty after their 10-day break since their last game.

There is no doubt that Temple had its absolute worst shooting night of the entire season, and even shooting a season-low 33.3% from the field. The starting junior guards Ramone Moore and Juan Fernandez struggled when they respectively finished five and nine points. Moore went two-for-11 and 1-for-5 from beyond the arc. Fernandez went two-for-14 from the floor and failed all of his 7 3-point attempts. However, he got 5 points from the free throw line.

Only 2 Owls managed to finish in double digits – the sophomore forward Rahlir Jefferson and senior forward Lavoy Allen. Jefferson almost had his second double of the season with a total of 10 points and 8 rebounds. On the other hand, Allen managed to finish with 13 points. The starting five for the Golden Bears did all of the heavy liftings as the managed to win in spite of getting only 4 points off the bench. 4 of the California’s starting 5 finished with double digits, and the junior forward Harper Kamp leads the way with 13 points.


The Owls managed to rebound from their opening loss with a win over the Bulldogs that ended in 65-68. The new addition to the team’s starting 5, the junior forward Scootie Randall led the way from beyond the arc, since he went 4-for-6 beyond the arc to a dazzling 18 points performance. The Temple’s shooting % also improved as they managed to shoot at a 49% clip from the floor. In a kind of tight game in which the lead swapped 8 times between the teams, the Owls received a bench boost to put them ahead. Khalif Wyatt, the sophomore guard, dropped ten points on the Aggies off the bench. The Bullgods’ lead scorer was Gerald Robinson (junior guard) with 16 points.


Although this game included the Owls’ 20-6 run in the 2nd half, the team could not overcome their poor shooting and the Aggies’ rebounding skills, led to a loss at 54-51. The Owls had an even worse shooting game than vs. California with a 31.3% from the floor, and they were outrebounded by 45-30. Thus, the Aggies scored 16 points solely from second baskets. The best scorers for Temple were once again Allen and Fernandez, each with ten points. David Loubeau (junior forward) managed to lead the Aggies with 13 points, and Ray Turner (junior forward) was a force to be reckoned with as he pulled in a total of 12 rebounds.

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